One sketch I never managed to finish...



Open doors of Marie-Curie, Marseille (DMA Animation)

Such an ugly picture, just to tell you about "la journée portes-ouvertes", which took place in our school last week-end. I was here to welcome you, and to answer your questions. For those who came : JUST GO FOR IT, if you like animation, and never let it down, you can make it (I did, so you really can). By the way, I made an animated jingle for the occasion, wich you will soon be able to watch in my mayhem. Goodbye !


Dr Who - David Tennant

Portrait of David Tennant, pencil...

Sketches made in class

Outback Snakes : New Cover -project not retained-

Hello... Here's a cover for the new album of Outback Snakes "Eritis Sicut Dii".
Too bad, the project was not retained... So I post it here.
The thing was to get a mix of steampunk, eighties, flashy colors, and to add a piano player. 

The cover chosen will be Anoukkie's version... 
Have a look at her awesome work !

Nedy's Mayhem